Our Story

Founded in 1994 by Ron Moresco, Moresco Distributing is now a leading market supplier of packaging products in California and the Pacific Northwest, supplying high-end independent grocers, food processors and manufacturers, specialty foodservice operators, packaging re-distributors, and wineries.

As a San Francisco Bay Area native, Ron built a strong business throughout the Bay Area before expanding into Central and Southern California and the Pacific Northwest. Starting in 2007, and utilizing a strong logistical partnership with Tony’s Fine Foods, Moresco Distributing now serves hundreds of businesses throughout California with commercial packaging solutions. A few notable customers are Tony’s Fine Foods, Mollie Stone’s Markets, Nugget Markets, Oliver’s Markets, Sonoma and Glen Ellen Markets, Berkeley Bowl Produce, Woodlands Markets, and Bales Thriftway.

Our Commitment

Across the United States, consumers are more and more environmentally conscious. We see this in the number of hybrid and electric cars on the roads, the number of solar arrays on houses and businesses, and the number of compost and recycling bins in our neighborhoods. Here at Moresco Distributing, we support environmentally friendly lifestyles, and we are committed to being the leader in supplying eco-friendly packaging to our customers. Our team researches, sources, and provides the most cost-effective, planet-friendly alternatives available. Our commitment to preserving the environment extends to our environmentally-friendly warehouse, our all-electric warehouse vehicles, and our delivery solutions.