Our Team

Moresco Distributing employees more than 40 people at our Petaluma office and warehouse, with an additional team in Portland, Oregon. We have a friendly, family-oriented culture. In addition to our leaders, we have an excellent sales and support staff, a very capable warehouse staff, and our team of reliable drivers. It’s all good.

Ron Moresco, President/CEO

Ron grew up in Marin County, north of San Francisco, where he gained valuable exposure to independent grocers and the packaging industry. In his twenties, Ron made a bold move and bought a truck: Moresco Distributing was born. Ron’s exposure to the industry through time spent at his dad’s store, working for distributors in high school and college and observing how vendors operate, give Ron an edge in understanding what his customers need, and how to help them succeed. He has a keen eye for excellent in-store displays, and he knows the value of good customer service. An avid sports fan, Ron spends a good deal of time coaching his son’s teams, or driving them to their basketball and baseball games.

Eileen Lott, COO

Eileen is instrumental in the daily operations of Moresco Distributing.